Press – Cool Uses, What It Is, And How It’s Dope

Scribd is one of our fave’s my right now. Actually, it’s BEEN one of my favorites for a while.

Besides being an awesome library of documents, templates, books and let me say again, TEMPLATES <3 – it also hosts a few very cool features ~

To start off they allow for a free 30-day trial (as you can see above).

Transparency – Now, of course, they don’t tell you right on the signup page so let me help them out there – You need an actual credit card (certain debit cards work) to register their 30 day free trial, but you can still signup and create an account.

Signup and Create Your Account

Now there are TWO ways you can use their services without needing a card or making payment

1. Get Your Affiliate Link

After you’ve created your account – click the little dude image

(should be on the top right)

and go to “Read for Free”.

Then get this link –


2. Publish Your Documents

Since this is probably one of the most under-rated tools for new business owners there is – utilize this. Scribd offers 1 free download per each upload you do – and you can upload all kinds of files!

You can even upload a self-made Google Document if you wish!

Here’s one example of how I utilized this feature for my business ⇢

Business Legal Documents

By uploading my business legal documents to Scribd I

  • allow for easily found legal documents published online from any search engine
  • don’t have to worry about ever losing my documents in case of server issues or misplaced links
  • look more professional having a professional document hosting website host it for me
  • am able to embed the document now – anywhere I want
  • get 1 free download of any other file on Scribd!

Personal Resume

If you’re out job hunting or just trying to look presentable to any possible job opportunities this gives you a great advantage.

As I like to say,

If your trying to go fishing to get a bite, why use one fishing pole in one lake when you can put up fishing poles in all of the lakes!


Luckily nowadays we have A.I. and Chatbots, automated features and Web Applets to help you succeed in your business journey. Soon we’ll have courses up on Kapuhuna to guide you through all-of-the-above mentioned automation 🌈

Here’s an example list of available downloads:

-Image Snapshot-

To register an account – use my Scribd affiliate link.

I don’t get paid for it – it just helps me in my business and lets me download books I want to read

Mahalo ~


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