Choosing, Be-ing the Miracle

(A quick excerpt from facebook) 

My grandma likes to say, “Love is from the heart.  Thought, is from the mind.  

The mind can think of what love is, but…
Posted by Shaun Villafana December 31, 2017 

 ~Choosing, Be-ing the Miracle ~

-and all things fair- 


There  is’t  anything  ‘wrong’  with  how  you  feel.   There  is  no  wrong  emotion.

  I’m not only going to not source where I learned this, or what author I could quote here to cite where it can be read as well, but I will butcher the quote, I will interpret it my own way, and I will be infusing it so deeply embedded into my own terminology that it will be a huge irony in that it will most definitely turn out to mean the exact same thing anyways – beyond the meaning I even know it as, thus far.

Cest’ la vie,  no fucking shit.  
Such is Tarot.     And such is the nature of the soul.

The,  falling-downwards-feeling  in  one’s  heart-
Needs no excuse.  In-fact, it needs no reason.  None.  At.  All.
And yet we give it every.  Force feed the heart piles of past, create stories to category perfect-fit analogies that don’t mix 3-dimensionally.

Thing is, all of this can be concept,  but it never seems to be respected,

until the crevasses of “rock bottom” have their own personal names by you.