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– and You Can Too!

Looking to make some extra cash?

We know, YouTube Partnership is not an easy task. After nearly 3 years of trying my hand at YouTube Creatorship – I barely have 80 Subscribers.. meanwhile!~

Of course Kapuhuna Original Kahuna Cassandra Perea seems to be doing an amazing job! Nearly at 1,000 Subscribers in less than TWO MONTHS!

Luckily there's dailymotion.com - a video hosting platform with amazing features to help you host, embed, find alternate interested viewers and subscribers, and even make some money!

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Partner With Dailymotion

Very cool!

Sign up for their Partnership Program!

All in all Dailymotion gets FIVE STARS from us (hypothetically – we don’t really have a voting system).

What’s that? How’d I create that cool gif image from video so quickly and stress free?

Read more about that here.

If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like watching a longer feature with dailymotions embed – check this hosted widget feature film out!

Courtesy of Kapuhuna, naturally ~


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