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On A Personal Note

A Bit About The Creator Of Kapuhuna

~ And Hist Best Friend

Shaun Thomas Villafana
October 23, 2019
I know you don’t know me, but I’m very honored to receive you reading this right now.I’d like to take this moment to honor a real hero of mine,and someone I think everyone would benefit learning from:
my dad.
A thing you maybe knew about me might be from the book “The Guardian Angel: the conditions of unconditional love” on Amazon.

but what you probably didn’t know,

is that I had the best role model growing up that anyone could ever ask for.

My dad has been the strongest and enlightened person in my life. Throughout the ordeal of my mother going missing when I was seven he somehow stayed strong- carrying his business onward,

taking me and my brother every morning to look for our mother before dropping us off at school,

picking us up from school everyday to go looking for our mom again,

and taking care of us

all while being accused of murdering his wife, harassed by the cops daily.


I always did hate when I saw the innocent get punished

I think that’s one of the reasons I despise so much when people punish the innocent. From watching my dad go through that when I was a kid. Before my mom went crazy, she and my dad had a beautiful loving relationship. Both very spiritual and very aware. When Lori (my mom) was found again, she was insane. Now my father at this point had even more to deal with. He loved my mom so much, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him going through all that. Wally my father – never grounded us punished us. He was never abusive, not to me, my brother or my mother. He worked hard every day, building his company to support his family and then returning home to us to take care of us and try to hold the family together. He had to be both mom and dad to two kids while being a rock and solidity for my mother’s dangerous psychosis.

It’s been years since any of us have seen her.

She’s a missing person now. Again.

Wally has never remarried and still very much loves her. Probably why I am so loyal too and don’t believe in cheaters.

As a kid, I didn’t know how to open up to people or talk much.

As a teenager, I gave my dad hell and blamed him for everything.


as an adult who lives with his dad,

I’m really glad I didn’t move away (for long).

Me and my dad are best friends now and it took thirty years of my life to get to this point and a ton of maturity. My dad was second-to-youngest of twelve children and through watching me build Kapuhuna -we both discovered that he has a hard time expressing the emotion of showing pride in his sons,

and I subconsciously had sought it from others all my life while not knowing or understanding the root emotion.

People have said –
“You have to be it for yourself in order to heal.”
I have found that for me they were wrong.

It wasn’t that I ‘had to be it for me’ at all.

Being able to be that for my dad has been a hundred times more valuable

to my heart.
Thanks, dad
for being the hero I look up to
and for teaching me how strong we can be for the ones we love.
You never made any excuses, and you never failed in the one thing that means more than anything in life ~
I’m honored to be a part of yours.
your proud son,



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