Karma and Empathy Unite.

.. in Irony



has been one of the most elusive, hidden, and conjectured elements talked about in spiritual circles to date – but not for lack of explanation in all of it’s essence and forms.

What’s New?

We might go to believe in an “altruistic and vengeful God”, which is an oxymoron. Or we might believe in a “Karmic nature-woven law”, which is a victimizational belief in itself.

The Moon represents subconscious, feminine, and emotional flow

Upon EMPATHIZING with the question of Karma itself – we open ourselves up to the obviousness of our own denials, or to say, we accept our role in the cosmic play.

To take RESPONSIBILITY becomes universally key.

Even in the acceptance of a law of “Karma”, can only be done by the acceptance of actions made, judgements made, and what consequence is laid due given from such. So the return becomes a choice pre-made, and self-made, and in this sense – from what part do we deny within us that it is the Higher Self – in Itself – calling forth those exact Karmic Laws to play out for us in our lives?

A few years ago this became a question I asked myself, and could find no other explanation for. After all, the entire law of Karma seemed irrevocably due to the aims of one’s Earthly presence discovering EMPATHY towards a situation, a person, or an ideology.
The empathic nature in itself becomes the foremost identifier of these instances, and the question becomes: “At what level am I not empathizing with the subjective other I implicate my will thereupon?”, and herein lies the irony. For in our empathy alone can we claim to be understanding of, or loving of, or truly compassionate of, and to claim a “Self Love” at all becomes a fundamental essence that is played with but not internalized nor congregated until there is that same relationship of awareness realized as same – within all. Therefore, the level at which one rejects or denies empathizing for any such person or being, becomes a reflection of same not allowed for in the self, and as such, rejecting given towards and of the self.

“At what level am I not empathizing with the subjective other I implicate my will thereupon?”

An Empathy towards ALL becomes: to Empathize with God.

And what level of conscious awareness do we feel “unworthy” of, to empathize with God? You’ll find as you ask yourself this, that there is a plethora of blames within you, guilt and shame, self-disgust, vengeful emotions that can only be said to be exactly that same judgements you’d have the world and all others suffer, as you think same about yourself – you project them onto others in life, as day-to-day dramas play out.
Unconditional love, is surely self love, and it is seen through absence of judgement, not through excuses given shy away from that same responsibilities being faced. And all in all, Biblically shown, Jesus Christ was a perfect example of this, as he forgave and gave love to those who accused and persecuted him: he freed himself of that karmic cycle.

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