Reading BusKranger

Reading BusKranger


Reading BusKranger


I first met the man and legend while on my own journey and spiritual quest. He goes by the name of “Mansu Buskranger”, and if any were to ask me how I came to call him a legend, I’d only say – You’d have to meet the man to understand!

Lucky for us! – he’s been recording his journey for a while now, and it’s been a long one at that – as I soon found as we sat down late one Australian evening besides an old decommissioned school bus and an old gypsy wagon, in the outskirts of Queensland Noosa.

Me in my arrogance and typical “American” style stride, hadn’t put much thought onto the man’s personal life at the time he first walked into that favoured cozy nook in Queensland Australia called “Sunspace Cafe”, I had been too focused on my own story at the time to even consider that the humble traveler had an amazing adventure of his own… One of trial and effort, tribulation and miracle…

When he arrived that first day – as a volunteer for Sunspace Cafe I approached him to make sure he was finding everything comfortably, but the amount of his humbleness was caring and considerate, and I had the feeling that this man had good character and the type of friend I’d like to have. This man had experience under his belt, and that means wisdom.

I thought he’d be taken aback by me in my outspoken-and-all-too-suddenly open ways, but he shared in my emotions when we talked that night, over a fresh bag of tobacco that was equally relaxing as it was “mozzie” (mosquito) repellent. And I’m both ashamed slightly on myself, and proud of him, to say that he was the first to ask

“I can tell you have a lot of depth, What’s your story?”


I opened up with my story and we talked into the quiet of night under that peaceful Australian sky, I told him about my upbringing, my past and lessons and how I ended up in Australia, my story as I told it at the time.

Now I have a rule.

I never tell a story that’s not mine to tell, and although I’m sure you were expecting more than a teaser, I’m sorry – but his story is his to share, and I honour that. Why, if I even tried it would lack the emotional understanding!

What I would love to add is that the South Korean military medic and veteran had traveled a long, long road, of miracle and honor, humility and strength, and after my travels in Australia had become a memory I look back to – sometimes with tears in my eyes for a beautiful woman I left behind.. and another story at that – I found this video you see now up above, and at the same time find myself as a recently certified Journalist and News Website Publisher,

..and although I don’t tell a story that isn’t mine to tell..


I do invite you to his story – it’s an honor to point the way!



Join Mansu on his journey and be one of the first to read his published book!


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