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MSC Shaun Thomas Villafana

founder, director of operations


What is Kapuhuna?

Kapuhuna LLC is a Hawaiian themed organization that supports the everyday-entrepreneur and startup company.

What do you do?

We provide our clients with a host of business tools, services, having a well rounded experience of over 2000+ web tools, as well as the experience in an every growing array of all possible business startup niches in order to offer the consultancy and inventive integrational possibilities as a foundation for our client’s to platform as a launchpad for their business.

What kind of niche is that?

It’s referred to as a Business Startup Launchpad and Accelerator.

What does Kapuhuna mean in Hawaiian?

Kapu: Meaning Spiritual Law, more so used these days to mean “Taboo” or “Forbidden” – but only due to the tendency for humans to do things they shouldn’t.

Huna: Meaning the Secret Way

(Think “Kahuna”. A Kahuna was the keeper of the Secret Way”

Where are you based out of?

Kapuhuna is based out of San Jose, Santa Clara California ~ in Silicon Valley (naturally, the tech central), from the tiny room of lil ol’ muah.

2118 Canoas Garden Ave 178 95125 SAN JOSE CA USA.

Why don't you have a name in English? Maybe change your name to something understandable in English.

That’s barely a question and pretty racist dude.

The answer is no. This is a perfectly awesome and cool name, and my family loves it.

How can I get in Contact with you?

Soooo many ways, basically there are links all over the web on nearly every social media site where you can reach me (Shaun), or a number of professional and highly trained A.I. Chatbots who can assist you just as well as I can.

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