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Ethical Policy

Our Ethical Policy

We’re Pretty Hardcore About Our Ethics Dude.
It’s Kinda Why We Started Kapuhuna To Begin With.

Ethical Policy

kahunaThe First Hawaiian King to Conquer All the Islands

Shaun Thomas Villafana

September 23, 2019

Kapuhuna is my company
and I run it by myself.

Ethical Policy

Kapuhuna Is My Company And I Run It By Myself

I’m not bragging, on the contrary -it’s not the easiest thing to do. I founded Kapuhuna LLC 2 years ago and kept it alive by sheer brute-prayer.

I am Kapuhuna, for now at least and maybe indefinitely. If you’ve ever started a company before then you know how a company is your baby.

Your energy time and soul go into it and you give it all that you’ve got, fueled off of nothing but dreams, hopes, and cup-of-noodles through the long hours, taking care of it and watching it grow.


I am not going to ¨hack¨ you, your data, any device of yours or any account of yours. There is no way I’d want to jeopardize my company or my livelihood.

These days everyone is paranoid over hackers and with good reason too sure, there are many out there. This is why if you stick with me through Kapuhuna I will ensure you have all of the best and affordable security features available to you that is on the web.

I respect privacy more than anyone I know – and don’t even look at friends Facebook timelines. I have no interest in stalking anyone and I’ve had a fair share of stalkers myself, so I know what it’s like.

Everything I do is legal and licensed, certified, and registered. 

Everything from my websites, to SSL Security Certificates, to Spiritual Counseling, to the Music and Videos I use for my product – all of everything is licensed and/or certified.

The citations for each will be found below any of the product made by me through Kapuhuna LLC.

Kapuhuna does a lot – and does it all legit.

Ethical Policy

I maintain high standards with professional competence and integrity in my organization ESPECIALLY when it comes to my spiritual faith.

I respect all confidences made and will not disclose any information or data, whether personal or privately conveyed to me during the course of our Astrology sessions.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, and the journey of Kapuhuna ~

Ethical Policy

Minister & Spiritual Counselor
Shaun Thomas Villafana
Founder, Director of Operations, Kapuhuna LLC

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