Modern web management

Why This Course

Internet Savvy

Learn the simplest techniques to ease you into all things tech.
Save time by utilizing the tricks and skills that can give you the edge on the tech world.

Instant Swagger

Talent shows in everything and with an updated knowledge of bookmark uses, security simplicity, quick font tools, and search capabilities - your browser kung-fu will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tech Jargon

Getting to know all the lingo doesn't have to be difficult, or boring.

Get a 1-up on your tech knowledge and connect the dots on loads of other new topics as well. The tech world is always growing!


Get Your Certification

That's right - Kapuhuna LLC is a Certificate Authority. Get a Published Certificate that will always be view-able and online for easy sharing and verification through the Blockchain!

Travel The World W/o Destroying It

Did I just go there? Yes I did.
As the "most provocative company in the world" - Kapuhuna has no problem promoting a sustainable future for our planet and environment.
(Save Gas. This course is all online.)

Complete At Your Own Pace

Complete at your own pace. There is no deadline for this course, and no professor hounding on you for late essays here. Continue where you left off at any time.

Social aspects

Video Tours

Watch simplified quick videos to help guide you through each process. Don't scour YouTube videos searching through hours of jabber just for one simple know-how. Trust us, we know how it is.

New Connections

This course will guide you through much new places and online frontier you've probably never heard of. It's a big world wide web out there - You're bound to make new friends and meet amazing people along the way.

Chat With Us!

We're here for you at any time with a host of organized and lovely A.I. bot features taught many cool tricks and capabilities!
Have you called the A.I. front desk yet? Try it out!
(Bottom left button on the screen)


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