Fall Forward

“Fall Forward”

A momento, a monument, and a hero.

Denzel Washington ushered in motivational power that would captivate millions for decades to come.

Kapuhuna Team

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did”,

– Denzel Washington reminds us in this Kapuhuna-all-time-favorite, recorded from a speech he gave young soon-to-be business leaders, honorary scholars, and entrepreneurs at a graduate commencement speech for Penn. State University.

We’ve shared this video a hundred-thousand times and will share it a hundred-thousand more – because it’s that good. If you’ve never seen it before, please by all means finish watching it – and if you have seen it before – watch it again. And again. And again.

I know I did. Everyday for a year and a half-or-so. Although I procrastinated in my goals and ideals, letting the days turn into weeks at the time it would eventually catapult me into a new phase of my life, as this video was as a tandem-rope-tied around my waist and fate, so it seemedwas an anchored counter-weight strung tightly around a the harness of a miracle – and one that very much culminated to form me into the proud man I am today.

You see, no matter the goal, no matter the dream, there is one sole state of being that shines first in the dark as the beacon of leadership and faith. The ideals might vary and the rewards might differ – but no matter the outcome of any journey it always sparks in one-magical-moment,


Ideas, vs Ideals

The late prophet Edgar Cayce (aka. “the sleeping prophet”) was once asked what the difference was between “an idea, and an ideal” in his explanation:

Do first set the ideal. This isn’t the easiest job, either. Not merely saying, “Yes, I believe this,” and “Yes, I believe that. Put it upon paper.. ..The ideal way is not, ‘Well, I can’t do this,’ but the ideal way and work towards it.. Then, “My ideal physical.” What sort of a church would that church be if every member was just like yourself? What would it look like? What sort of home life would there be, if every husband was just like yourself? What is the ideal attitude of a husband, of a father? What is the ideal attitude of a neighbor? of a rancher? or a brother? of those political or social activities? Set them down under each of the three headings. See what they look like. You will rub them out many times … ( E.C. Reading 5400-1)


Paperback – March 1, 2010 by Edgar Cayce (Author), A R E Press (Editor)
The Power of Your Mind (Edgar Cayce Series Title)

Edgar Cayce historic marker

by Jimmy Wayne

Edgar Cayce has been a hero of mine since I was a young boy, and the first three books I had ever borrowed from any library – were on his readings, and his life.

Tip #2

Choices, and Ideal

If you’d like me to simplify his old-Kentucky-accent-infused-in-psychic-trance slang, 

basically what Edgar Cayce is saying is simple:

Follow your heart – not your head



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Either way Kapuhuna is always a good choice!


Let go of the ego and we always see how easy it is to understand what we really want from the heart


If there is stress, there is thought, and only the thought can argue the heart. The heart already has made up it’s “mind”.


Follow your heart over the horizon.

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