Passionate Entrepreneurs Unlimited

Passionate Entrepreneurs Unlimited

Today in one of my favourite groups on Facebook, I realized I was suuuper late on a homework assignment! The group is a ton of fun, and has been a great way to learn for me.

The assignment was:

” Today’s Homework to be entered into the $100 Giveaway is:
? What part of your business gets you most excited?
Mine is helping people get to make money doing what they love! I help people make marketing and Sales EASY!
Getting people excited to conquer their fears
Helping women be independent and make money!
Make Marketing EASY!
? If you did the thing that lights you up and you could stick with?
Ex: I love pole dancing and dance, but long term I would get bored…. So I do it as a hobby.
I LOVE empowering women and helping them be themselves and show up fully as themselves to attract their ideal client
Making Marketing and SALES FUN!
? Get Clear on How Your business helps people?
Where is your client now? Where are they after they hire you?
What result do you bring to your ideal client?
? What struggles or experiences do you have in life that you learned from?
– broke my back – learned how to keep a good mindset – stay positive
?What are you AWESOME at?
• I can pick apart a website and analyze and give recommendations on how to fix it in seconds
• I’ve been in marketing for 7+ years
• I’ve been in sales and I was top 15 reps
<<< Write as much as you can – Share in the group!!>>>
Take a screenshot or picture and share! ” 


You can sign up for a course with Tia too! I’ll see you there! 

– Powerful Sales for Soulmate Clients!


And for my Homework Assignment
Let’s get started!

What really excites me about my business is the full-on ways of approach I can go about it – and do go about it! I’m all about helping people take action towards their dreams, and seeing how their are no limitations! We always limit ourselves, afraid, saying things are “too hard“, or “there are too many things in the way“. But the truth is, we have no limitations!
Some of the ways I show this are through:

★Web design
★Book publishing
★Team leadership
★Music producing

For me a lot of things make me shine from the heart, I don’t ever get bored of anything, but I know that for me I enjoy being able to express myself in many ways! 

Music I will do all my life, no doubt about that, but some of the things in business don’t interest me so much – such as leadership. I prefer partnership, but many times through my life I’ve had to take lead, and act, simply because no one else around me would. I hope that one day I can put that part aside, and just be free to spend my time creating.

Meanwhile I can’t help but keep doing what I’m doing! It feels good to give people hope in their dreams, provide them with the avenues to do so, and to work with people that show good examples of triumph and success! ?

The main foundation of Kapuhuna, is dreamsharing, so it applies to anyone yes, but moreso specifically towards those who have lost hope, and who feel that “it’s pointless to try” towards their goals. That’s why we offer many free services and consultations to help walk you through step-by-step processes of attaining your dream.

There is never “one clear path” towards any goal – and every journey is specifically your own, with your own trials, and your own wisdom to be gained from those personal lessons, but with a pinch of hope, effort, and an opening of a few windows – we can prove that it can be fun and exciting to try! There is always hope ❤

For me one of the struggles that brought me forward to become who I am today, was the painful act of facing my responsibility, and lack of responsibility shown, in not having gotten off my ass to go see my Mom for thirteen years…

And when I finally decided to try,   I was too late. She became a missing person, and still to this day nobody knows what happened or where she is.
The healing process was long and hard, but it gave me an immortal gift now – as that I see that if I ever want to do anything – I DO IT.

No bullshitting around, and no excuses, because in the end you are the only person left to take the responsibility for your life.

We can kid ourselves all day with what we say we “want”, but the fact is – if you’re not going out there to get it, and make it happen, then you are choosing not to deserve it. But if you’re heart trully wants something, than doesn’t it deserve a chance to hold it in your life, as reality?

Much love world, to put the cherry on top of the final assignment answer, 

I’m very good at being emotional as I speak or type.  

Hahahahah ?

I enjoy that authenticity, I hope you do too.

I write about my story and journey in my book Patterns in the Rain!

You can find it on Amazon    – right there to the right on the sidebar!  →