I believe,

that making all the right mistakes is an important thing.  After all, how do we personally know what’s right for us or wrong for us?  What applies to one person, might not specifically apply to another, so one person gaining their own understandings for themselves is a very important thing.
Everyone has a different perspective of things – their own perspective.  
The values of one person may not entirely align with another’s but that does not mean that either side has invalid values.  It means that there are many ways to see the same thing.  Many perspectives that are all true.  All perspectives must be acknowledged, so in that sense, a person making all of the mistakes, and I do mean ALL, knows the values of each perspective by experience.
This is the difference between knowledge and wisdom, knowledge can be learned from reading or hearing a story.  Wisdom can only be gained by personal experience.  
Therefore, making mistakes is important!  It’s your right!  Immense freedom can be understood at this, because from here you can see how there is no wrong way!
Every mistake, every path, every effort – is yours to make.  Your right to make.
So no matter what the causal effect, no matter how stupid the act, as long as you are following your heart and following your common sense, and not making the same mistake over and over and over, then who’s to say what your path is but you?  
Live and learn I say.