About Us

Kahuna Style


Kapuhuna is all about respect!

Don’t disrespect the Hawaiian state fish! All new Kahuna* have to learn how to say it 20-times-fast while wrestling a shark underwater.


Want to become a Kapuhuna Kahuna?

Of course you do!

What We Do

❯❯  Kapuhuna assets include:

    • Ad Design/ Ad Marketing + Promotional Creations Marketing
    • Business Startup Affiliate Marketing
    • Web Design
    • Web Hosting
    • Web Applet/API Integrations
    • A.I. Design + Integrations
    • Fact-Checker for Article & News Publications
    • Book Publisher on Google Playstore & KDP Amazon
    • App Developer with Google Playstore and Google G Suite integrated with Firebase and Google Cloudbase
    • Apple Developer
    • Google Merchant through Google Merchant

Mission Statement

What is our ideal?

❯❯ Kapuhuna’s mission focus:

  • Human Collaboration
  • Social Awareness
  • Idea/Invention Forming
  • Helping one another connect simplicity in their lives 

by mastering complexity for them Kapuhuna is where we give our best efforts to understand the better ways and efficient means within our system to create more — Harmony. Although we know this has been done before, technology is always advancing — and we need the means to keep up with all of the program tools and possibilities around us ~