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About Us

Kahuna Style


Kapuhuna is all about respect!

Don’t disrespect the Hawaiian state fish! All new Kahuna* have to learn how to say it 20-times-fast while wrestling a shark underwater.


Want to become a Kapuhuna Kahuna?

Of course you do!

What We Do

❯❯  Kapuhuna assets include:

    • Ad Design/ Ad Marketing + Promotional Creations Marketing
    • Business Startup Affiliate Marketing
    • Web Design
    • Web Hosting
    • Web Applet/API Integrations
    • A.I. Design + Integrations
    • Fact-Checker for Article & News Publications
    • Book Publisher on Google Playstore & KDP Amazon
    • App Developer with Google Playstore and Google G Suite integrated with Firebase and Google Cloudbase
    • Apple Developer
    • Google Merchant through Google Merchant

Mission Statement

What is our ideal?

❯❯ Kapuhuna’s mission focus:

  • Human Collaboration
  • Social Awareness
  • Idea/Invention Forming
  • Helping one another connect simplicity in their lives — by mastering complexity for them Kapuhuna is where we give our best efforts to understand the better ways and efficient means within our system to create more — Harmony Although we know this has been done before, technology is always advancing — and we need the means to keep up with all of the program tools and possibilities around us
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