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Kapuhuna Launchpad

Kapuhuna Launchpad – TOP SECRET

Our Approach

As the self acclaimed most provocative and unconventional conglomerate to-date, Kapuhuna LLC (and all associated enterprises) strut shamelessly across the stage of Social Media interweb wearing everyone’s dirty laundry – after all legal approvals are signed and legally expedited of their ownership- from text written in an ancient Tagalog dialect. 

All watching begin to applaud ravenously – as so forth instigated by a hired elderly blind woman in the back row, for monopoly money. 

Our Story

Starting up from a small corner of the World Wide Web, nibbling on leftovers and website points awarded for services provided on Simbi (Join us!), Kapuhuna began as a single post, from a single Newbie Astrologer, seeking a partner who did Tarot Card Readings.

After 30+ responses, including by chance three of the worlds most respected and esoteric practitioners and masters of their trades, and a hundred name changes, Kapuhuna was formed from strangers who were weirdos that gathered to do ancient arts – on Facebook. Mostly Facebook Messenger. our seeker did not expect what intense irony was laid out before him, as if the seeker seeks, he shall find – but “how much and what” he shall find, is typically left out of the phrase.

Meet the Team

Technically no one has legally signed on, so..

Meet: Me.

Shaun T.V.

Founder & CEO. Owner. & CFO & COO & MC & DJ & Editor & CEM & President & Master of Custodial Arts + Kitchen Hand (on saturdays)

My Resume speaks for itself.

and for you,

as well as everyone else. It speaks for me. It speaks TO me. It speaks in every language, and I in fact refer to it to teach me new words. Literally nothing more needs to be said – so making note of that (but subsequently losing it after it being crumbled up & hand tossed from my home in California to my transvestite filipina virtual assistant who lives in the Philippines) I proudly bring to you Kapuhuna News – a Kapuhuna LLC Production.

Eric Teagan

I have no idea who this is but he is NOT Kapuhuna related. 

Still, he is white, so he get’s white privilege of remaining on this page (for legal purposes). Clearly this man is innocent for whatever he might have maybe possible done. Good man Eric.

Timothy Barrett

Timothy Barrett.

Timothy Barrett.

Also not Kapuhuna related – YET. 

He does in fact carry the smirk-smile of an employee who is management material. Notice the raised eyebrows. He is obviously authentically interested in what you have to say. Notice the sleek-under-goatee. He just had sex.

This “Timothy Barrett” – if his background check does indeedy-doody return as verified as such as claimed – is very much a guy who does not care at all for your company bogus standards or, monthly reprimands. He just wants to get home, have a beer, and get it on. I would call him T-Bone.

Yes hahaha, T-Bone.


Next Steps…

Would you like a Job with Kapuhuna LLC?

To bad we’re not hiring.

Okay okay maybe. But it’s extremely selective and we (I) only choose the best of the best to work with me and my network of A.I.

Please feel welcome to browse our website, galleries, tabs, tips and tools.

Everything here has been organized to heighten I.Q. while providing the reader with fun and humor, as well as tools to get you towards success at the utmost fluidity.

Such as this beautiful Hawaiian acrylic painting on companionship of a mother and baby dolphin.