Time is in the perception of the perspective

“What is my perspective?”

Not the most considered question…
..and why not?

  -Everything you value, every ideal and constitution depends on this.  The way you communicate, the way you feel – reacting to external stimuli…
…yet we’re much more so automated in our “existing”, than augmented in our free will, and doesn’t that scream “Plato’s Allegory of the Cave” to you?

We take so much ownership to our experiential world as “the self“, yet take no responsibility in the perceptive “meanings” we apply to our experiential world..
-those, we imprint from communicative themes. 

…and sometimes, those themes are patterns, 

                  or cycles….  
“I’ve changed so much through the years”…

Perceptionaly valid. 
But how true is it when we change the root foundation of it?

Who is the “I” you speak of that has changed?

The reactive nature of “you”?     The “knowledge” you’ve attained?  
As if to say, in those brief moments of waking from a deep sleep you “are not you yet, one minute while systems boot”.
Ahhh and if it wasn’t so horrible.

You see, 
it is from this exact place that all our spite, guilt, envy, jealousy, and agony    
  -stem from.

We have to give up our plastic-shell notions of “self“, if we ever hope to journey within the depths of our true selves, and discover the most valuable truths within.

So first

we must change our perspective, to take control over our perception.  

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