The Search For Harmony

Delving within for truth can be the most difficult journey sometimes. 

We bounce our perspective off a myriad of inner termoil and “meanings” we’ve grown comfortable too, but we lose our foothold when those meanings happen to be exactly what’s been keeping the truth in shadow from us.

When I speak of “truth” in this context, I refer to inner truth.  Universal truth.  Truth that emits peace and love upon you.
Most often, it is precisely what we’re running from, as that no-one feels comfortable at the thought of having all their world they know of, broken down to dust and then nothing.

We choose our obtusity.  We comfort in our myopia.
We grow drunk and addicted to our own made-up personal “truths”.
And build weak character from it. 
Appearing strong to ourselves, but no, only barring ourselves​ from harmony within, and without.

How impossibly strong one must truly be,
to look upon the stronghold of illusions they took years to build, and say “you are now meaningless to me, and now, I will tear you down.  Every brick”