Life is like a dream ~ A tale of Lucidity

Life is like a dream

Skyhumpaka Whale

As a kid 

      it was my favorite pastime. 

                          It was the only time I felt I was truly free….

Lucid Dreaming.

Of course it wasn’t always like this.

Constant nightmares, night terrors, I had a vivid imagination.My own scary movie plot, I’d dream of everything, anything, and I had a habit of turning the most simplest innocent things, into my nightmares.  Like a giant gorilla that I had as a kid.

(It was giant to me at the time..)

And I would dream that, that thing would chase me all over the house.  I’d wake up and be terrified of it, this cute little gorilla toy!   But,  

two dreams paved the way for my whole life.

Like a sort of, soul Dream, if you will… 

and this is how one of them was so simple, it simplifies –everything.

I had just watched for the first time in my life, 

  the first Terminator movie,  starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Haha, no no, big old buff Arnold wasn’t the villain here.  It was the mechanic robotic skeleton who was chasing me around.
I can’t remember exactly how old I was but I was probably around 9 years old back before Arnold Schwarzenegger was California’s Governator.

Such a funny thing to think about, being chased by a slow-mo machine, running with all of your will power and then turning around to see –it still right behind you, gaining way.

I passed through the neighborhood, and suddenly to my right, there was a completely normally purposefully bucket of water,

and I thought-

                                  “Oh hey, he’s a robot! 

If I pour water on him he’ll break, like in the movies!”


I leaped for the bucket, took it, chucked it at Arnold’s missing shiny bones, and watched sparks fly, with low budget graphics, accompanied buy a sound of an 80’s-90’s movie special effect.

What an interesting moment….to stand there staring at it, seeing my victory, seeing its defeat.

β€œI won?… Now that’s weird.  This isn’t how it’s supposed to be”…


he was back…!

Shiny bones 2.0traumatize-an-innocent-child-edition.  With the new denial-series update

..and that was before SpongeBob came out on TV.

I was horrified … mortified

and in my horror I yelled out-

No wait! It did work!”

..and like a brand new iphone, he broke down again right before my eyes, verified.


I was verified.

I didn’t have these big words to use but I did know for a subconsciously embedded and non -perceivable fact that movies did not go this way at all.  
Something was amiss here…


” it………….
……..did work?”

And he was alive again!  Only this time,

  I smiled.   

  And he stopped chasing me.

I looked around amazed at how real it all seemed..

                 Isn’t it real?

It’s my experience,  my emotion,  my thought.   It was me,  all of it.

So before you ask, 

if you must know.  Yes.   I immediately absolutely decided I could fly,  

                                      and I flew away.  

From that point on when I fell asleep it wasn’t to rest, it was to live.  To create.  To be in control of my life.  It was to be free.  

And it changed my world forever. 

I’m going to assume that,if you found this blog,got to the end of the story….and have a smile on your face,that you know what I’m talking about, referring to, and why I’m saying this story and sharing my experience.

We are all born into this world learning β€œfear” as the truth.  And I have many fears still so I do not blame anyone for having them too, it is a tough thing to overcome and extremely tough to face. 

But I do know as a general rule-

that whenever you face them,

and you follow through facing it face to face head on, 

no excuses,

and not just a glance over the shoulder at it, and give yourself the room to step back in case you can’t go all the way last minute…. 

You will always smile at the end, 

…and you will always know a deeper truth from within. 

This was actually, the second of the two dreams I was talking about priorly. 

The first, and the one dream to start it all for me,  will be my next to post…

Mahalo, and Aloha oe
Bye for now.