In A Humane Humanity

We’ve come up with countless labels and descriptions to shuffle social-structural ideologies together: Democrat, Republican, Socialism, Monarchy, Oligarchy, and even my favorite, “Corporatocracy”,

..but as our vocabulary often does, our definitions have under-minded our empathic reflexes to retract such ideologies inward, to understand the human nature that brings forth the want for such ideologies to come forth into society in the first place.

In our day and age, most political factions can be excavated to their roots to find a very common denominator– greed. 

I’ll extract more dimension to this and explain it as-

 “The socially endowed ideology of scarcity, to where there’s a need to fight and kill and steal resources for survival, with not enough to go around for all”.

This.       is complete.       and utter.       bullshit….

-and it’s becoming harder and harder to peddle

 to the masses in our technological waxing and fact-checking society.  

The discrepancies and fallacies stack up against the current system, regardless of “differences” we’ve accustomed to fellow nation’s, it all stems back to money.  “Power”.  Which to me, sounds like an excuse to sidestep the causal fear being projected, which begets the desire for power. 

Every healthy human cell only takes in enough nutrition from it’s surrounding healthy cells to survive for the next several seconds.  They fully trust each other and depend on each other.  There are cells that take in more than they need.  These we call ‘Cancer Cells..


In the U.S., 

  for every 1 homeless person here we have 6 vacant houses or apartments that could house them.  We throw away trillions of tons in clothing apparel, and companies destroy product to “stabilize income” and product scarcity, while pointlessly charging extreme ridiculous amounts to capitalize.  Our food technology has now surpassed our humanity, as we have advanced aqua-ponics, vertical farming, and even entire farm-skyscrapers being built in Dubai, yet we lack the courage to feed all the starving.  

We could feed, clothe and house everyone on the planet TODAY

Billions are employed at jobs and careers that do nothing for the benefit of humanity, but in-fact, 

It all stems down..

to the ideals of each active individual,  that make up – the whole.

All of us must have that courage to believe in each other, trust in each other,                                         and forgive.   

we work together healthily, as humanity would naturally.

Our cells prove this is inherent 

in nature.