A hypocritical irony in denial – ×33/𝝅 +√= ego (?)

Some of us are Moon Children

Some of us are Moon Children

This.  Is.  AWESOME.

I love it.  I am it.

YES. and in other news..

By Shaun T. V.

A hypocritical irony in denial – ×33/𝝅 +√= ego


It is recorded, 

that the native american who encountered Christopher Columbus and the ships that made way across the sea’s horizon, had difficulty in agreement with what was real before their eyes. Many saw nothing on the ocean.

It was difficult for them to agree upon existing until they eachone by one, believed and gave a little more effort into looking to see the ships.  The Early Hawaiians had the same issue – when the ships of Captain Cook approached. 

How do you perceive what has never been thought as conceivable before. How do we accept a reality that seems so new, so scary, so painful, that it forces us to humble ourselves?

There are many responses we give, and none are “wrong”, but yet we do suffer from many.

  • Anger
  • Despair
  • Worry
  • Excitement
  • Hope
  • Humility
  • Desire
  • (insert random emotion word applied to conjecture the nature of the heart as though possible to grasp fullness of by word association)
Our programming of basis then relies upon, in that one singular moment, a culmination of all that buried and formerly dormant “karma(to be gentle to all you “followers” of the religion, “science”), 
and thus forth is presented a reflection,  from within,  of the unfoldings of self
– meeting the unknown. 
When this happens.
Don’t be too hard on yourself.