"The Ol' Kansas City Shuffle"

Shaun Thomas Villafana


Irony is the face of God, and society tends to be hypocritical.


When I first heard about the whole -"positivity thing"

(you know, in the law of attraction and spiritual movement I saw going on around me amongst different groups on the web),

I thought it made perfect sense.

Of course it does right?

Manifest in the direction ~ by focusing your emotion.

The ideology going around, is that 'one should focus only on that which brings you happiness and feels good'.

I know I know, you'd figure a generation that came out of the punk rock and heavy metal scene would have a bit more "badass" to them.

Well the thing is there's an irony there too as: just because you are manifesting your life into a better realm does not mean that other people are too. This is not humanitarian nor Empathic in awareness.

It's obtuse - but let's try not to name call here.

It's also where they came up with the phrase 'holding space' for others. That was a weird one to me, I thought it was a very strange term,

the way that they put it like that.


But as the situation escalated socially in groups like The 11:11 Movement - I started to see that there was more to it than that, as more and more people started to "aim for positivity" and aim for ascension - I saw more and more people around me becoming narcissistic.

   I don't like to use that term in the "finality" of it all, because it's very much labeling and the truth is in my studied opinion - that everybody is between good and bad. There are no bad people and good people. There's just everybody always balancing in between.

The thing is is that, as a person on the aims to manifest the good and the positive they specifically ignore anything bad.

Now that always egged me because I know from experience that -you need to face a lot of things that you're ashamed of and that hurt you in order to grow, in order to ascend, in order to learn, in order to grow your awareness.

Plus, I mean come on. ..You keep your eyes away from anything a I guarantee you that's exactly where life's gonna hit - and you WILL get KTFO'd.

 ( -knocked the f*** out)

This has always been the case. You look at anything - any wound, and a wound only heals from being put attention to, and love, and care. You don't heal the wound by ignoring it, but there's even worser things in that denial.

You see, as people would choose to not look at anything that would egg them, they would deny and they'd be blind to that aspect.

In Hawaii, we have the saying. The saying goes,

"Don't ever turn your back on the wave".

There's another saying which goes along the lines with that: They call it the "Kansas City shuffle" right, or the "rope a dope."

Act like you're gonna go that way and then you go the other way right.

You know when the other person's looking that way - you make your move right.

That's boxing term too.


Well. I mean, it should be clear as day to everybody right now. A lot of these spiritual groups - We have a lot of people specifically,

not wanting to look at aspects,

not wanting to look at negative.

That's a horrible idea that should be obvious enough, I mean for all anybody knows this could have been orchestrated by somebody.


Well, when nobody is looking would be that perfect time to take action if that action was something bad that people wouldn't want.

You know what I mean.

Well guess what: Harvard scientists have began experimenting to block out the sun.

This is funded and the idea comes from none other than Bill Gates himself.

You know Bill Gates-  with the whole *funding Monsanto and *GMOs, that one I always thought was a huge red flag, but you know this is not just some funny thing to toss around.

They're going through with this act of fear, trying to control nature + is that in any way resonating with you?



How do you propose to handle that- by ignoring it?Do you think that anything's gonna get fixed if you ignore it, or look away from, how do you propose that's going to happen.

There's a reason why we're here in the flesh, obviously.

Things need to happen in the physical and should be practical.

It's going to take practical minds that are not afraid to look in the dark. Otherwise, where's the free will in that? And is your free will, free, if somebody else has it?

Tell me if somebody else is using you, is that free, free will?

Is that your will, in your souls choice of action? You know maybe that nagging feeling to look at anything negative, maybe that's the soul crying for you to stop believing your ego and picking your ego as "intuition" do we ever think of that.



Well, I mean, I've always kind of had this notion that "don't ever follow the herd."  Because *the truth hurts* and nobody likes the truth. Nobody does. Look at the media. They know.So everybody talks about "authenticity." Well, I challenge everybody to be authentic. I have not seen that in any of these groups. Stand up. Open your eyes. We came here to spread the light in the dark not bathe in it selfishly and ironically focus on "self-love" as though anyone knows who the true self truly is as they blame and judge others who "hurt" their egos.



Self love is a thing only realized through accepting and loving others, in that only through others and accepting all does one ever come to meet the true self and higher self.Right now we need warriors of light because the Light~"Workers" are all doing whip-its in the back freezer, stealing the cakes and ice creams, and blaming everything on the good and loyal of us so they can watch us destroy all our decency and resonate with how they truly feel within.

Screw that noise ladies and gents'.

I'ma sinner, and anyone who claims they're "Holier than thou" to you, I suggest you tell them to go to hell along with the pedo-pope.


Woo that was savage. Sorry.

The narcissists like to say "don't apologize". But you know what I am sorry if this tone here bugged you, or brought you down in any way.

And as a half-Canadian it is my right to say I'm sorry.

So I'm sorry.

Much love. And don't ever listen to the herd unless literally the herd agrees with and accepts all. And if they don't - go see what those they don't accept has to say about it. Tough love.


Here's some key elements & markers of someone in denial:

  • projects Insecurities and Emotions specifically blamefully onto others
  • literally cannot process the logic surrounding the dynamics of their denials so will ignore anyone mentioning the dynamics
  • gets a "bad vibe" specifically from anyone who reminds their subconscious of what they are in denial of
  • commits narcissistic and sometimes evil actions
  • denies and rejects feelings of guilt/shame
  • will not take responsibility for their mistakes made

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