News Reporter Accused Nature of Assaulting a House Rooftop

post from Kapuhuna
November 14, 2018 at 10:26AM

post edit Kapuhuna
November 15, 2018 at 10:15AM


A Californian reporter covering the naturally occurring Sierra fire made a cute gesture of how the embers from a tree “looking like falling snow” as it “tossed” ember onto a innocent near bye house.

This KABC-TV reporter was also just as stern to define the natural occurrence as a “threat” – just as the headline article dictates grammatically.

No law enforcement had detained said burning tree for questioning. The house was inanimate for possible comment.

In due concordance with a responsibility to the public, 
Japanese Doggo gif image would like to say to Kapuhuna, that the natural occurrence is not of a “person” 
or of direct personal intent, or “ill-will” towards any, 
and a more correct statement would be to use the word “danger” if such was the case – instead of “threat” – which invokes an emotion of “being attacked” by a person or body, ‘ personaly ‘.

If everyone can keep their emotional practicality in check, we as a community can act accordingly for the safety of all
– without claiming an illogical and crazy idea of nature being at war with us.

Maybe then we could stop being at war with it ourselves. Or claiming that a dead burning tree is assaulting an inanimate object.

Much love, God bless everyone affected by this natural occurrence, and God bless nature of our ridiculousness.

KABC-TV: Rialto fire burns 147 acres; firefighters mitigate structure threat.