” amor est responsum, intellectus enim est in itinere “

You can only love and understand another through that depth of same, which you have reached within yourself. This entails all experiences, all the joy, all the pain, all the “good” and all the “bad”. For isn’t it that we hate what reflects back from within us, what we feel twists us up inside? What associations we make, what personal biases we create to project upon reality?

You make your own reality, life, and standards. Anything less than this – say, to go by the standards and ideas of society and others, or to even fear them – this, is not free will. It is self-inflicted slavery. And victimizing blame outwards, instead of looking within. Free will is a hardly practiced miracle these days. And I do call it that. 

The definition of a miracle- a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by “natural or scientific laws” and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. and isn’t it so “natural” for humans to judge and hate and war, as your societies standards show? Isn’t it just, “scientific method” that we keep using in justifying spite outwardly? A logic that was inherently flawed from the moment of the first accusation. 

To practice free will, is to jump out of the karmic circle of vengeance and what you may or may not think is “right or wrong”. Infact being any part of re-activeness, is inherently not being the purity of action. It is a subjectivity to causal influences being the primal influence upon a person’s life, way of life, limitations of thought and understanding of another, and is most definitely the invitation to the self, to worship fear.  

I myself, don’t forgive to forget. I live to understand, -as then after time and time again of failing myself to reactiveness -feeling the natural shame that comes from this and hating the self, moving forward to see the fears that had fueled them -realized the fears were based on illusions -and then struggling but striving to eventually forgive myself I then learn to encompass a greater knowing of myself, as well as a greater capacity towards loving and forgiving another. 

There was a day when one or two had known me better than I know me – just as I can say now that one or two of you who read this, I know you better than you know yourself. Because the true self, isn’t a collection of “concepts” or “beliefs”, or “ways” of life that we daily claim as “ours” as though “that’s just the way ‘I’ am”. The true self has no attachments to fear like that, and no need or effort to grasp out and cling to “concepts”. That is the miracle – self discovery. Because there is a layer of crap built up in the minds of humanity these days. Alot of delusions of what a thing “means”, whilst no one has the guts to actually look back at themselves, and ask themself why it is they are doing or saying or thinking a thing, as that even good intentions or innocent seeming intentions can still be simply a reflection of a burried and illusory concept rooted in fear. 

You have to earn the right to yourself through cycles of unfolding all that you hold true, and letting go of it each time. So if true love is something anyone claims to search for, if you’re lookin for the person stop kidding yourself look within.

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