Born out of philosophy? Or mother of science? Things get tricky here as Kapuhuna Global™ takes on the Elephant in room. at the dinner table. during thanksgiving. -that everyone invited but no one will acknowledge: _Will people ever stop lazily saying the word “energy”?_


KARMA has been one of the most elusive, hidden, and conjectured elements talked about in spiritual circles to date – but not for lack of explanation in all of it’s essence and forms.

Compartmentalism In Science Limits Practical Conceptualization

How do you propose creating a practical and functioning model of an eleven to thirteen dimensional hyper space, using linear number sequences that don’t apply the interwoven and symbiotic folding of sequential relationships ANY multidimensional hypercube aspectualizes​, viewable, with respect to spin, to anyone with a set of eyes. You can’t have super-positioning, with our obtusivelly hack-theoreyed mathematics, while not giving credence to conscious perspective of directional particle-spin being a permeating cornerstone of physical reality.